Friday, August 1, 2014

How does JT & Tea reach out to the community ?

Besides "Azusa Tea Club" to have tea friends to meet up once a month in our cupping room at Baldwin Park office, JT & Tea has dedicated our team to reach out for CommuniTea Service with our creative "Tea-One Tasting" workshops...seen in colleges, libraries, museums, churches, community centers, culture exhibitions...

Tea-One Tasting, a hands on tea study.  One step ahead to the basics, step by step to master each important criteria in making a perfect cup of tea...  Understand the theory, actual cupping to find out the Harmony Code (*the 3T: Amount of Tea, Right Temperature of heated water, Time for steeping) of each tea that to be enjoyed.

Maybe soon JT & Tea will have the honor to show up in your community gatherings or festivals...

Glad to share with you some of these events in the following link:

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