Sunday, December 10, 2017

JT & Tea 2017 Holiday Taiwan Oolong Tasting (12/9/2017)

(12/9/2017) Saturday afternoon, JT & Tea hosts our Holiday Taiwan Oolong Tasting in our cupping room...
Filled with tea love and passion to taste 6 different Taiwan Oolongs from 6 farmers and factories:
Alishan Milk Oolong from Wang Ting,
Lishan Jade Oolong from HGT,
Classic Tung Ting from Lienshan Tea,
Amber Oolong (Buddha's Palm) baked by SKT,
Taitung Oolong from Lin Wang,
FB-78 from FuYuan Tea.

Our tasting starts from the natural FACTs of each tea, and relay them to the Theory in Processing, and Tasting with 4S: to See, to Sniff, to Sip, and to Sense.

Furthermore, we discuss about the Geographical Terroir, Cultivar Selection, and Craftsmanship that complete each good Oolong.

Many beautiful and romantic stories to be shared about each tea's encounter and development... I love Taiwan Tea! BUT, the message we are trying to bring to our tea society:
after 10 years of TOST program, and WTE stage promotion, finally Taiwan Oolong is ready to marching to the next landmark:
Grown and Made in Taiwan:
Food Safety, Ecology, and Technology.

Thanks to all participants, and we look forward to seeing more tea friends who will join our next Tasting event!

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