Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tea workshops offered in the 7th Los Angeles International Tea Festival at Pasadena (12/2-3/2017)

Time to share some updates of Taiwan Oolong with our local tea lovers.
The 7th Los Angeles International Tea Festival, aka. Devan Shah Tea Festival Los Angeles, taking place on 12/2-3/2017 at the new venue: Pasadena Convention Center.
Due to our busy schedule and also the high season of shipping, we cannot take an exhibition booth but Josephine and I with Dr. Jerry Liu still show our supports to have Three activities on the floor.

On 12/2 (Saturday) 3-4pm
"All About Oolong Tea Baking"

Why are Oolong teas baked?
Coffee Roasters know how to create their signature coffees by baking or roasting. Oolong Baking Masters also bake their fine Oolong teas to bring out more layers of flavor. Only Oolong tea is baked in this way and the specific technique is very critical, even those lightly oxidized Pouchong or Jade Oolong teas require baking to stabilize their finish.
*Note – Nowadays, many farmers rush to sell their Oolongs to consumers without properly baking before packing.
*Participants tasted the same Oolong - before and after baking to tell the difference by yourself.
 Also, to enjoy one skillfully baked Oolong out of the same tea that could be so much better.

While you as a consumer do not have access to professional temperature controlled baking units, yet still can use a simple sauce pan heated on your stove, you can enhance the flavors of your Oolong teas at home.

Baking your own tea to create Vintage Oolong (Aged Oolong) is a new fashion in this old tea business.

 On 12/3 (Sunday) 11:30-12:30
"Taiwanese Oolong Cupping and Grading"

Take your knowledge of Taiwan Oolongs to the next level!
Understand the basics and learn how they are classified by process – oxidation levels, rolling skill, and baking techniques.
Learn how to professionally cup and grade each classification and to develop a Harmony Code for each tea. This Harmony Code details the ideal quantity of tea, steeping time and water temperature and will allow you to make tea and serve it with the best aroma, flavor and taste.

And, we also join the panelists to World Origin Tour (Taiwan) on 12/3 1:00-2:30 -
At the end of Tour, all participants and panelists join us to do Pouchong tea singing and signage.  That is fun and so much fun for tea fans!

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