Saturday, September 28, 2019

Bring Fine Tea Drinking into Americans' Daily Life

9.28.2019 @ #2019NorthwestTeaFestival
This is my new workshop and appreciate Doug and Julee to let us have it.

My good friend, Sensei James Norwood Pratt asked me,
'How is your Personal Tasting workshop turns out?'
I told him that Americans will eventually have their own Tea culture that brought in from the West (*Aristocratic Afternoon Affair for Wealthy and who Have Time...) and from the East (Tea Ceremony, Cha-Lei, ChaNoYu... very formal) gradually to evolve into Americans' lifestyle. Personal Tasting will let every tea lover to own his/her Freedom to make his/her own tea, any time when he/she feels like to have a good cup of tea.

James smiles and says, that is very true.
'In my tea class, I always tell the participants:
the best way to make a good cup of tea, is to make it wrong for a couple of times, and you will figure out the right way.'

Bring fine tea drinking into our daily life !

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