Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Help customers find the right teas to buy

On 10/20/2010, TOST group stopped by a tea shop (Lin J. Tea Garden) located in Lugu, Nantou to experience a different way of tea retailing. The owner has 10 different teas set in array for us to cup. 1 - 10, each tea had gone through different baking process with various temperature and length of time. This way, they can introduce customers the teas that meet with the right taste profile. (*I was told that Mr. Lin got this idea from the system of Steak House...rare, medium, well...customer' s choice...) Looks like it works very well for his tea business. Then later in Ocha Matsuri 2010, I found one tea booth got the similar idea to present 4 Senchas with different roasting process...customers can taste four samples and decide which one appeals the most...then the right tea will be presented for formal cupping....

In a highly competitive Oolong tea market like Lugu in Taiwan and Green tea market as Shizuoka in Japan, tea farmers or tea vendors must find his/her unique way to stay in business. What should we do in Northern America?

(At the 2010 Ocha Matsuri, in one Japanes Green Tea Company's booth, attendants use a tray with four teas, just to test your taste profile first...and then they will bring the right tea for your formal infusion. This is a smart filtering process in tea retailing service. Make it simple and find the right product for your customer. So Des Ne....)

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