Tuesday, January 11, 2011


How about a new slogan: Tea Now !

Over the years, I have had the "Tea-One Tasting Class" -

with the mission: Take one step ahead to the Basics.

2011 New Year Resolution: "Tea Now Tasting Class" -

have tea in our current lifestyle...

A new avenue was launched just a day before New Year's Eve, Josephine and I have organized AZUSA Tea Club. This will be a scheduled Meet Up with tea enthusiasts with Topics.

We are trying to have professional cupping session at the first half; and then do a demonstration of creative Tea Tasting Ceremony with one of the teas we've cupped...and invite our attendees to have a forum of sharing the ideas of how to prepare your own tea. Hoping that we can have Tea in our current lifestyle.... No need to be limited in very Asian: Zen or Kung-Fu...Nor to be too English: Victorian or Afternoon Tea...We will find out many new ways to make teas that can fit in our daily lifestyle, so...friends...TEA NOW !

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