Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012 World Tea Expo - Taiwan Green Tea

Taiwan Green Tea ? 
Many tea friends, including some tea pros in Taiwan, don't know the facts: Taiwan used to export tons of pan-fried Green tea to Northern Africa, Middle East...Also, in 70s/80s Taiwan actually shipped big quantity of steam-fired Green tea to Japan.  Another fact: Taiwan Pi-Lo-Chun and Taiwan Lung-Jing still keep their fans happy every Spring from Sanhsia tea district. (*Yes, our TOST friends visit that district often.)  
Jackson Huang, is the most suitable person that can share with you these facts.  TTMA has presented a session for him to lead the cupping and tasting of Taiwan Green Tea:
Sanhsia Pi-Lo-Chun  and  Sanhsia Lung-Jing.  Plus a demonstration on how to prepare Micro-Green Tea 300 to serve in party.  Jackson has two beautiful tea ladies whom he's met in Taipei a few years back... Julia Arrasmith-Matson from Bingley's Tea., and Darlene Meyers-Perry from The Tea Lover's Archives co-own the stage...  They surely have done a marvelous job!

For reference review on Micro-Green Tea 300.
For more tea information on Sanhisa Breeze.

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