Friday, August 19, 2016

CommuniTea @ on 8/13/2016

1) Finally, it is event time...

Glad to have a sold out crowd to come to for this tea event.  

2.) Tea-One Tasting on 7 Taiwan Oolongs is officially on...

Step by step, to learn how to harmonize the '3 T' - the right amount of Tea, the right Temperature of water, and the right steeping Time.  These 7 volunteers are my best partners and we have an outstanding audience that participate the tasting class closely all along!  Enjoy the action!

3.) Self Introduction time...

After the tasting class, time to introduce our volunteers and also each participants. I am grateful to have such a wonderful venue offered by Lantia group, and the event organizer, Teatalk Academy. Well, the most important people are all the friends and volunteers, without everyone there, it is meaningless.  Meet these people!

4.) Super Serving Crew:

I usually rely on my better half, Josephine to take care of tea serving during my leading the tea tasting class.  On 8/13, I am much obliged to the Lantia Staff, also a few fellow tea colleagues that Tommy has arranged.  They are Super!

5.) Mission is achieved.

Sincerely hope the simple guideline for making a good cup of tea has passed on to many tea lovers. Also the art, the culture and the tea fun will be fermented here after. Bravo Lantia!

Due to the limited capacity,  there are videos recorded by Lantia for Facebook Live on this event:

Tea-One Tasting… the opening:
Step by step, hands on making your own tea and knowing about it.
Knowing the 7 Beauties…


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