Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tea Talk @ Shakeng Tea Club on 8/13/2016

Shakeng Tea Club organized by Norman Shu. A good opportunity for local tea professionals to meet regularly and also to have chance that everyone can cup and review various samples that brought by attendants.  Each meeting has set a theme, and will invite guest speaker to do the presentation. Not only for members to sharpen tea expertise together, also a networking to built around the tea trade.  The tea club's routine venue is at the historical and beautiful Shakeng Tea Manufactory in Henshan, Hsinchu, Taiwan.


I admire and salute to Norman and his team, and I know how much efforts they've put in this club. The set up and clean up before and after each event requires passionate love in our tea industry that carries on from the family.  My father, no doubt is the No.1 fan of this Shakeng Tea Club.


Original schedule is set to have its 20th meeting on 9/3/2016.  Since there are so many tea friends cannot make it to participate my afternoon workshop at Lantia1918, due to the limited capacity. Thus an additional 8/13 morning meet-up was proposed by a few members.  I am aware that Norman made his announcement on 8/11 and very soon registration filled up within such a short notice.
Here we are at the Shakeng Tea Club, and I am very honored to be invited to be the guest speaker for this "Special" meet-up.  I am also shocked that many of these friends are actually my facebook friends and we get to meet in person finally.  What a small world!  How I love this tea business! 

I have also led a cupping of 7 Taiwan Oolongs after my talk on "How to re-define Taiwan Tea and plan for its international marketing."
Please enjoy the photos of this special event.  (*Thanks to Yu-Hsiou, Jiun-Tsai, Mr. Shen-Ming Shen and Ms. Vivi Wen. the best volunteers!)

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