Tuesday, August 2, 2016

CommuniTea of 813 Lantia

I will be in Taiwan to scout for our 2016 TOST (*oh yes, Josephine and I always want to add some 'exciting' to our schedule...), and meet with talented entrepreneurs of a few interesting new tea rooms, tea stores and tea bars in Taiwan... Something new is steeping there and some ideas are cooking... It usually takes about 20 years, that we regard as one generation, after the Boba tea (or bubble tea) boomed out of Taiwan, I am 'smelling' and sensing a new trend will soon be setting. This time, it will be for real Oolong taste, and will be 'Ready to Serve' (*sorry, not RTD)... It is about Serving, and it is what our Specialty Tea industry has been waiting for.
During this home returning trip - I will be back to Tai3Route, where used to be Taiwan's most important Tao-Chu-Miao tea district, and I will give a talk and tea tasting at a gorgeous place, www.Lantia1918.com, on 8/13 (Saturday) for an event that organized by TEATALK ACADEMY....

 This will be the first of many more JT & Tea's CommuniTea events in Taiwan.  We will have a Tea-One Horizontal Tasting workshop that talk and taste about 7 Taiwan Oolongs, also well recognized as "7 Beauties".  Much obliged to our Event Organizer: Teatalk Academy and Venue Host: www.Lantia1918.com 

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