Thursday, October 20, 2016

Stage Event: Ceremonial Oolong Service @ World Tea Expo 2016

We have a stage event during the show hours in 2016 World Tea Expo.

Ceremonial Oolong Service  -
Instead of having traditional Oolong Tea Ceremony,  we are thinking to demo how we can prepare the tea ready for serving on many important gatherings.  RTS - Ready to serve.  A new avenue for retailers or tea rooms operators to work with caterers and parties or events organizers... offering non-alcohol fine beverages, Taiwan Oolong, yet to be served in civilized style.  Something that people will appreciate and will remember.  The rest, let the words to travel.

Working closely with Wedding Planners, Party Coordinators, Event include Ceremonial Oolong Service in their programs.  With the Spectrum of Taiwan Oolong complex in color, aroma, flavor... we believe it is so easy to find perfect Oolong to fulfill the great memories.

Further more, we encourage tea rooms, tea bars, or restaurants to infuse fine oolong properly, cool it, bottle it and chill it.
RTS Fine Oolong will be a big ticket for adding up the revenue.

Please enjoy the photos taken from this stage event on 6/15/2016.

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