Friday, October 21, 2016

Taiwan Oolong Cupping & Grading Workshop @ WTE2016 (6/16/2016)

Move up to another level with Taiwan Oolong Cupping and Grading.  A new course developed by Taiwan Tea Institute, Dr. Jerry Liu and myself.  We want to demonstrate how you can have your personal cupping studio set, and how you do your own cupping. 
With a Cupping and Grading Log designed for you to practice and document each cupping and also to grade the tea with score while cupping.  The grading reference chart for 7 Taiwan Oolong is very useful to train yourself to break down the total score in 5 areas:  Appearance, Tea Liquor, Aroma, Flavor, and Wet Leaf. 
On this particular class, we have invited Master Johnny Tu from HGT to give a demonstration of his cupping routine.  Chris Anderson, our TOST friend, has shared his own testimonial about the cupping skill he has learned over the years.

Please enjoy the photos taken from the session.

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