Thursday, October 20, 2016

World Tea Expo 2016 - Show is On!

Another year passed by, and World Tea Expo has returned from Long Beach, California back to where it started - Las Vegas, Nevada.  Good to see many 'old' friends, which means the tea business are good, I hope.  Also, we have met a few new tea friends who are interested in Taiwan Oolong.
Please enjoy the photos taken at the show floor from 6/15-17/2016.

After so many years that Taiwan tea pavilion has its own stage inside the booth for tea education and cupping / tasting sessions... many show participants had stopped by and wondered why we don't offer the classes this year?  We felt a bit disappointed with this change.  Instead, we were invited by our tea buddies, ITI and Tea Source, to offer 'Taiwan Oolong Update' in their booths on 6/16 and 6/17.

Please enjoy the photos of ITI session

Please enjoy  the photos of Tea Source session.

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