Friday, December 19, 2008

Delightful Rain

"Oh, heavenly God, it is raining ..."

There is a very popular Hakka folk song: Delightful Rain (天公落水).
The melody is very cheerful and your feet will tap along as soon as you hear the music. Back on 2005 Los Angeles Hakka Concert, Lynn and Josephine tried to work on adding new spirit to this old Hakka folk song. They did a marvelous touch-up, and this song appeals to me a lot more sense and it is one of my favorite.

天 公 啊....... 落 水 啊....
阿妹啊 戴著笠媽 來到坑水邊
坑水啊 清又清 魚兒在水中介泅來泅去

Oh, heavenly God, it is raining!!
The young girl wearing a bamboo hat, arrives at the creek side.
The creek is clear that fish are swimming happily.

April 5, 2006, I was back to Taiwan for our family's annual tomb cleaning.

That afternoon, my brother Jackson invited me to visit a friend of his at Pinlin Pouchong tea district. There's a slightly shower right upon our arrival...the farmer was extremely excited. No time to sit down to have a cup of tea...he simpley invited us to visit his tea garden right on the hill behind his house...and his wife joined with us to the tea garden half hour later with some nice delicay...

It triggered me to have the idea to re-write the lyrics for this Hakka folk song. I hope you will appreciate it as much as I do.

茶園情真 (用 客家歌謠「天公落水」)天 公 吶... 落 水 啊...
天公吶 落水啊 阿哥啊 戴著笠媽 來到茶園唇
茶樹啊 青又青 茶枝生満嫩芽新葉
天公吶 落水啊 阿妹啊 摜著點心 來到茶園唇
看哥啊 笑咪咪 期望好茶啊 賣出好價
天 公 吶..... 落 水 啊 ......

Oh, heavenly God, it is raining!!
A young man wearing bamboo hat strolls to the tea garden.
The tea bushes are green, and the branches are full of young buds and new tender leaves.
A young girl carrying a bucket of snacks strolls to the tea garden.
Looking at her lover with big sweet smiles,
they both are hoping:
We will have a good crop, and our fine tea will bring us a fortune!!
Oh, Heavenly God, it is raining!!

How true it is! These farmers are waiting anxiously for the delightful rain in the Spring time.
A cup of fine tea is indeed filled with love and gratitude.
Salute to these diligent tea farmers!
I found one video of the play from the YouYube:
In 2015 World Tea Expo - on the Special Events Stage  5/7/2015 -  I have this one to cheer up our audience.   Delightfufl Rain

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