Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy to Launch...

We are excited!
Finally, we launch our own blog! For a long time, we have talked about it.

It is a great experience to learn all sorts of tricks and having fun. I have the same feeling for the preparation of a new tea: Just try on, after few infusions, we will figure out how to make a good cup of tea!
Talk about tea, tea's a lot of fun...

We will try to focus our blog on tea and...Hakka culture.
We pick the name: Pon Fong Cha as it is indeed a great tea that only produced in Taiwan's Hakka villages, very near our home towns. Hakka in Taiwan has experienced a long history and a fairy close ties with Taiwan's tea industry. Singing Hakka Tea Mountain Love Songs is another hobby we have been shared for the past few years. We run Sam-Gup-Shui Studio, which we work with our talented pianist Lynn Huang to make new Hakka songs and produce Hakka concerts and various culture programs.

We are happy that from now on, we can record our ideas, events and many many crazy thoughts...right here at our own blog.

It will be a big commitment to carry on. In the meanwhile, please enjoy many good pictures taken from our recent Tea Tour at Taiwan. (just click on the following link)

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