Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Enjoy a Taiwanese film - Cape No. 7

I admit that I don't know movie, but I enjoy watching good movies. To me, a good movie just like a good tea. You have to blend in many different ingredients with various elements and efforts to have a harmonized presentation. Is this tea good? Only the one who drinks it can really tell. Apparently, "Cape No. 7" is a fantastic Taiwanese movie that many Taiwanese enjoy it so much and I am definitely not alone.

The 1st Los Angeles Taiwanese Film Festival was successfully taken placed on December 12-14, 2008 at James Bridges Theatre, UCLA. I was invited to offer Taiwan teas at the reception party for the Opening Ceremony. Due to this help out, I got the chance unexpectedly to have close interaction with Director Wei of the hottest movie from Taiwan, Cape No.7.

Director D.S. Wei is such a humble and descent young man. Very hard for me to believe that he is the one who breaks so many records in Taiwan's movie industry. Most unbelievably, he told us that including himself, this film is consisting of a bunch of people's efforts, who were all at their careers' low point while this movie was shooting. No one expects this movie will be such a big hit drawing all kinds of attention, received good echoes from the diversed groups of audience who bought tickets, not only once, not only for ownself...many audience admit they haven't entered movie theatres for a long long time. Director Wei quietly says: hoping this movie won't use up all his luck.

One can easily google "Cape No. 7 " for so much great comments from the news and many blogs...in case you've seen it yet...
This is a movie about the unwavering pursuits for music, dream and love. It not only moves us with its passion and also lures us by its lavish presentation of South Taiwan's breathtaking scenery through its top-notch cinematography.
Why this movie can touch so many Taiwanese hearts?
Just like Director Wei said at the Q&A session after the movie:
He believes that every audience might find the shadow of oneself from the film.

We have studied the event and decided to serve the following three different Taiwan teas on the evening of 12/12/2008 at the Opening Ceremony:
Jade Oolong Classic -
A high mountain grown Chin-Sin Oolong from Alishan. Very soothing with luscious aroma and lingering sweet finish...
Earl Grey XO -
"XO" draws good attention from guests...alcohol in this tea? most guests ask the same question.
Well, for the wine, XO means extra old., this Earl Grey XO is Excellent Oolong that scented with Earl Grey flavoring... What a nice treat for our American friends!
Herbal Guava -
I was told that many guests might be afraid of caffeine, especially during the evening.
We then decided to have this most popular Herbal drink in Taiwan's history. It was often served under the big tree to greet the people who travel by on the country paths...the story fits so well for this occasion.

These 3 teas were freshly brewed in tea-one brewers and served in 3 air-pots that been refilling whole evening long. Our volunteer Rebecca Wang did a marvelous job. Again, Josephine did a nice display and elegant signs for each tea...I am glad to say, "Mission Accomplished".

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I tasted your tea at the opening ceremony. It was great!! Thank you.