Thursday, December 11, 2008

Formosa Oolong

Formosa Oolong (東方美人)
(用 鄭智仁「台灣百合」in Hakka Taiwanese)
Formosa 烏龍茶 實在讚 蓬萊寶島介特產
作茶介功夫 第一流 一年一季來膨風
綠色介茶蟬 六月來訪問 留下特殊天然蜜香
風行全世界 人人都誇讚 東方美人名聲最響
作茶介功夫 第一流 一年一季來膨風
Formosa Oolong truly is amazing,
the famous and unique product of Taiwan.
It takes great craftsmanship to produce this tea,
and merely one short crop every year.
Those green leaf-hoppers are angels from the heaven,
arrive in June with their natural fragrance.
The beloved Formosa Oolong is known as
"Oriental Beauty" throughout the world.
It takes great craftsmanship to produce this tea,
and merely one short crop a long year.
"Formosa Lily", composed by Dr. J.Z. Cheng. This song won him the second place award in 2003 Panama World Folksong Contest. In our Hakka Concert 2005 and 2006, we have used several pieces that composed by Dr. Cheng, and I helped to convert the original Holo lyrics in Hakka Taiwanese for those concerts. Since then, we become good friends. After the concerts, oneday I got the idea, why not use this beautiful melody to promote my beloved Formosa Oolong...I got his permission, and this "Formosa Lily" has another new lyrics to introduce "Formosa Oolong - the Oriental Beauty" !
I thought this will be a great tool, and I always enjoy this song while I am doing my Oolong Tea Class. The audience can share my passion in this tea and appreciate its uniqueness. STI's first Oolong 3 class back on Jan 21,2007 at San Francisco is my virgin performance.
(The following video was filmed while I had a tea workshop with a bunch of students at UC Irvine, back on 11/19/2009.)

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