Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 World Tea Expo - Oriental Beauty, the exquisite

Oriental Beautythe exquisite
Kissed by green leaf hopper insect in early summer, this tea delivers an exceptional fruity, elegant floral aroma with an intense, complex flavor and a rich aftertaste of honey and peaches. 
A true Champagne of tea from Taiwan.
For this session, we are glad to invite our 2011 TOST friend,  Michael Lannier, from Tea Source.  Michael has done a marvelous Taiwan Oolong Workshop in Minneapolis recently per his mentor, Bill Waddington. We know he has a very expensive hobby of drinking Oriental Beauty.  His conversation with Director Chen and myself is super fun.  We did taste two teas that prepared from TTMA, one is  2010 Summer crop, and another one is 2011 Summer crop from Miaoli.

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