Monday, July 23, 2012

A Guide to Taiwan Oolong with Jeni Dodd

Azusa Tea Club has great honor to invite our tea friend, Jeni Dodd, from New York to join us and share a tea cupping and tasting session: A Guide to Taiwan Oolong with Jeni Dodd, on 7/22/2012.
We use to have our meet up on the third Saturday afternoon of the month. This month,  we moved it to Sunday afternoon...maybe causing some inconvenience of our members and we apologize.  We are so happy to see a few new faces in our audience.
Please enjoy the slideshow of this meet up.

Jeni Dodd Jeni Dodd is the owner of Jeni’s Tea, a company dedicated to importing hand-crafted, specialty tea and offering tea education for groups and events. Jeni’s Tea seeks to expand the public’s awareness of the specialty tea market and help consumers discover the exquisite joy of the leaf. Over the last few years, Jeni Dodd has dedicated and committed herself to learning as much as possible about the tea industry, tea culture and tea processing. She is a Certified Tea Specialist through the Specialty Tea Institute and has completed all of STI’s Level IV courses offered to date. To further enhance her knowledge of tea, Jeni Dodd has traveled to several countries of origin, including Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, India and Nepal, where she has visited several tea estates and tea gardens where she observed and participated in the various growing and processing methods unique to each country. As she was finishing law school in London, Jeni Dodd first developed a passion for tea. Earl Grey was her ‘gateway’ tea and that tea eventually led to her appreciation of specialty tea. While practicing as a corporate litigation attorney in New York City, she found that her desire to know more about tea outweighed her desire for the law and she formed Jeni’s Tea. While she still does some legal work, her primary focus is growing her tea business and continuing to learn about endlessly fascinating world of tea.

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