Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 World Tea Expo - TOST 2012 Registration

Taiwan Oolongs Study Tour 2012 Program" officially announced and open for registration during the 2012 World Tea Expo.  With our TOST friends from 2010, Lynayn Meilke, and from 2011, Jeni Dodd to be on the stage with Josephine Pan (the organizer of TOST) to share with our tea friends there what we have done, and how this program actually benefited our members... Also, to introduce the details of 2012 TOST schedule.  Linda Villano, also a member of TOST 2010 plugged in during the session... What a close group we have.  It is all about tea education.  We make sure that the field study with hands on experience, plus the group members from different backgrounds in tea trade...which really helps every one in our program to enhance their knowledge and expertise on Taiwan Oolong. 

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