Thursday, August 1, 2013

2013 World Tea Expo - World Origin Tasting Tour (Taiwan)

World Origin Tasting Tour always takes place one day before the WTE's show opens to attendees.
This is a great program that is designed for our new friends who just entered the specialty tea industry to get a chance to have a bird's eye view of each major tea origin and to cup their specialty teas.  Unlike the early days, Taiwan does not produce that many tea in volume anymore, yet with fine Oolong, Taiwan still has much to offer to please world tea connoisseurs.  Taiwan tea still remains as an important origin on the World Tea Map.  We have been set to be the last session since WTE has had this program.  There could be many reasons for our placement, but I would like to think positively; perhaps the WTE might be saving the best for the last?! 

This time, we have prepared 4 teas that were listed in the Passport for every participant; Wenshan Pouchong, Alishan Jade Oolong, Lugu Amber Oolong, and Hisnchu Oriental Beauty. The cupping went smoothly as scheduled and I would like to take this time to extend my gratitude to the prep team and the volunteers who helped out for this event.  I am also grateful for our Team Taiwan as they always show their support to help.  During their booth set-up, they all came up to the room to help distribute Taiwan tea maps and leaflets that were provided by TTMA and then rushed back to their booths to resume the set-up job.

Lastly, there is one key person beyond this World Origin Tasting Tour whom I am very grateful for among others. I would like thank my tea-cher, whom I also consider a very good friend, Jane Pettigrew for guiding me to present Taiwan tea and has always encouraged me to share my "Formosa Oolong" song.  Jane has always been a big help to me, including when she filled in for me since I could not make it at the time for the Taiwan tea session at the World Tea East.  Josephine always says, "Thomas actually enjoys the opportunity to sing more than doing the tea presentation." This is indeed true; through the lyrics of the tea song, I have expressed the integrity of each particular tea whether it's Oriental Beauty, Tung Ting Oolong, Tie Guanyin, Wenshan Pouchong, or Brandy Oolong...  (*If you like Taiwan tea songs - click on this link: )

I love tea and I enjoy tea culture !

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