Monday, August 5, 2013

2013 World Tea Expo - Show is On!

Show time!
Team Taiwan Tea has prepared for the 2013 World Tea Expo since last year's show ended.  At the review meeting, we come up with a few changes on booth design as well as on the programs we plan to offer.  The "Taiwan Tea Classroom" would be set right in the middle of our booth. The educational programs are listed at our booth and would also be posted on the internet. We provided two educational sessions; World Origin Tasting Tour (Taiwan) on 6/6, and Focused Tasting on "Unknown Teas of Taiwan" on 6/9. 

To make sure that everything will go as planned and be successful, we invited two of our good friends to help out.  Master Steve Huang is so generous to take some time away from his schedule to come support our advanced cupping sessions ( **to make sure that we know what we are doing...haha). Our other friend, Profession Jerry Liu would observe and give us suggestions on what educational material we should put together for our curriculum.

Our on-site tea baking showcased a surprise to many attendees. Our pilot baking unit, Model No. TTI-A1 was the star for our show during the baking demonstration and at the grand cupping on the WTE's Special Events Stage.

This is a great show for us.  Too many people to thank for, especially to our visitors -  you are the reason we are there.  See you all in next show.

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