Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Taiwan tea workshop for NATMA 2013 Conference (7/26/2013)

NATMA (North American Taiwanese Medical Association) 2013 Conference has a series of Culture Workshops offered to its members who participate this annual conference at the San Gabriel Hilton Hotel.  Josephine and I were invited by Dr. Sze-Ya Yeh, our good friend also the chair for the culture workshops.

We know that our audience are most "professional tea drinkers" and very familiar with Taiwan's oolong tea.  It will be a challenge alright.  I have different approach for having this tea workshop with all these medical doctors though.  Josephine has shared the TOST program with our friends with a group of nice pictures taken from the trips over the past 5 years.  She has done a great job on this presentation, and we just want our fellow Taiwanese American friends know that TOST is the least example, there could be many more we can do to promote Taiwan and earn more friendship for Taiwan with individual efforts.  Professor Jerry Liu is the second presenter to briefly explain what we have in mind to build our educational material for an Ambassador training to take leverage of our Taiwan tea promotion.  I believe our message has reached out to these NATMA friends effectively.
They also help make my tea presentation a lot more easier...

Please enjoy the following slideshow...
As usual, we have invited 4 volunteers be seated in the hands on making four different types of Taiwan Oolong: Wenshan Pouchong, Alishan Jade Oolong, Muja Tie Guanyin and Omei Oriental Beauty.  Yet they are given the tea with out any label on the tea caddy...  How are they going to do?

The fun and laughter are filling up the whole class room.  We have had a wonderful afternoon with Taiwan Oolong!

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