Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rediscover Taiwan's Indigenous Tea (8/10/2013)

We are getting more fun now in Azusa Tea Club.
More topics are expected, and with Josephine and Jerry can help lead some sessions, and our members now are also willing to the assignments... this will give us more discussions and group learning about tea and tea culture besides cupping.
How long do these wild tea plants have stayed in Taiwan?
When do we start to be aware there are indigenous tea plants in Taiwan?
Where are these indigenous tea forests located?
Why these indigenous tea plants have not been popularly used in Taiwan's tea plantation?
Why all of a sudden, we are interested in learning about these indigenous tea plants?
Josephine has shared those photos taken from our Oct 27, 2009 trip to the Meiyuan Mountain.
Along the slides show, we have discussed how things have changed,  including the recent development of Brandy Oolong, plus the concerns of getting Organic, Ecology and Terroir in the tea industry... Indigenous tea forest in Taiwan will offer much more resource for our further researches. We can expect many more newer and better tea cultivars will be developed and become Taiwan tea's rising stars....besides Ruby 18 and HonYun 21.

It seems that everyone is looking for our September meet-up already...

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