Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vertical Cupping: 3 Pouchongs and 3 Baked Oolongs ( 7/20/2013)

This meet-up is set for a focused cupping, we have to limit number of participants to make sure that each member will have plenty time to work on each tea.
I have selected 3 Wenshan Pouchongs which are with a bigger gap apart from each.  The purpose is not to challenge our friends but to give everyone a fair experiment.  Gradually, we can get some teas that are more close in quality/grading... which will require a lot more details in observation and comparison.   Our friends are actually doing very well on the first half with these 3 Pouchong teas.

The second session, we have arranged 3 Bakded Oolongs for cupping - before and after baking, plus one taken in the middle of turning point during baking process.   Among the three samples, almost everyone did pick it right on the After Baking one.  The before baking one and the sample at 6 hours
did confuse quite a few friends.  The purpose of this cupping is to learn how the tea baking could change tea leaf at different status. Tea Masters did learn from their experiments to know what will be the best baking plan for each tea they will be handling.  Not all tea masters will agree with one another...and that is the beauty of it.  Signature Baked Oolong will be out soon in the Northern American tea market.

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